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AP Automation - SAP

AP Automation - SAP
Foundation 22.1

It is critical to perform a full backup of the OnBase database before importing the configuration files into OnBase Studio. The import process cannot be undone.

Configuration objects must be imported into OnBase Studio in order for the integration to function properly. For detailed instructions on importing in Studio, see the Exporting and Importing Configurations chapter in the Studio module reference guide.

The following package files must be imported:

DLL file



WorkView export file.


You must import the WorkView export file first.


Message Broker export file.


Workflow export file.

These files are typically found in the build directory.

To import the required configuration items into OnBase Studio:

  1. Log into the appropriate repository in OnBase Studio.
  2. Click the Properties button in the Home tab. The Properties dialog box is displayed.
  3. Expand WorkView in the left pane and select System Paths.
  4. Set each of the following fields to an empty folder that the LOB Broker server can access.
    • Style Sheet Path

    • Resource Path

    • Resource Backup Path

    These directories are used to save information created by and used for WorkView processes. Paths should be UNC paths. For example:

    \\[MACHINE NAME]\WorkView\StyleSheet

  5. Click OK to save the paths.
  6. Click the Import button in the Home tab. The Import dialog box is displayed.
  7. Browse to each package file that needs to be imported. Files should be imported in the following order:
    1. SAP_WorkView.expk
    2. SAP_MessageBroker.expk
    3. SAP_Workflow.expk
  8. If the How do you want the OnBase Metadata items imported screen is displayed, select the Auto Resolve option, and then click Next to import the file.
  9. Click Finish to complete the import.
  10. Repeat the previous steps to import each of the three package files.