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Hyland Software develops, tests, and supports the OnBase suite of products on specific Operating Systems, not specific hardware configurations. When OnBase is operated in a virtual environment (such as Citrix, VMware, Hyper-V, or Windows Remote Desktop) there may be limitations or subtle differences imposed by the environment. The customer and the virtual environment vendor are responsible for any interactions or issues that arise at the Hardware or Operating System layer as a result of their use of a virtual environment.

When it appears that a performance-related issue in OnBase is either caused by (or is unique to) the virtual environment, organizations may be asked to validate that the issue occurs in a non-virtual environment. Hyland Software will make this request if there is reason to believe that the virtual environment is a contributing factor to the issue.

Each OnBase site is unique. Hyland Software depends on the customers who deploy OnBase in virtual environments to do so only after careful design and adequate planning (that takes into account the workloads of your organization), and in accordance with recommendations provided by the virtual environment's vendor. As with any implementation, Hyland Software strongly recommends that any customer deploying the OnBase solution in a virtual environment thoroughly test the solution before putting it into production.

For information about using OnBase in a Citrix and Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop environment, please see the Citrix and Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Environment Deployment Guide, available on the Hyland Community (https://community.hyland.com).