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AP Automation - SAP
Foundation 22.1

For Windows 10 updates, Microsoft has introduced a new release cadence called the Semi Annual Channel (SAC). The SAC reduces the security patch and support cycle for versions of Windows 10 to 30 months. Hyland Software does not expect to encounter incompatibilities with Windows 10 updates, and it does not plan to change its process for the continued release and support of new versions of OnBase because of the new Microsoft SAC cadence. In the unlikely event that a future Windows 10 update introduces an incompatibility that prevents OnBase from operating as designed, Hyland will make commercially reasonable attempts to address the incompatibility in the latest release and the prior release. If an issue is determined to be related to an incompatible version of Windows 10, you may be required to upgrade to the current OnBase release to resolve the issue and maintain compatibility with Windows 10.