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AP Automation - SAP

AP Automation - SAP
Foundation 22.1

AP Automation - SAP supports the processing of the following types of invoices:

  • PO invoice

  • Non-PO invoice

For PO invoices, users can populate the invoice data form with line item data from the original purchase order in the SAP system.

For non-PO invoices, users can perform general ledger (GL) coding on the invoice data form using account codes from the SAP system.

Depending on the design of your AP Automation - SAP implementation, invoice image documents and coding data are either manually entered into OnBase or automatically captured using optical character recognition (OCR). See the following for more information:

Implementation Type


Manual Import

For implementations that do not use a capture solution, invoice images are manually imported and coding data is manually entered. Once the document is created in OnBase, the invoice is brought into Workflow for processing.

See Manually Importing Invoices.

Capture Solution

For implementations that use a capture solution to import invoice images and automatically capture coding data, invoices are directly brought into Workflow for processing.

See Working with Invoices in Workflow.


Even if your implementation involves automated import and data capture, you can still manually import invoices if needed.