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AP Automation - SAP

AP Automation - SAP
Foundation 22.1

You may need to do additional PO line pairing on a PO invoice being processed in Workflow.

To pair purchase order lines to line items on an invoice:

  1. Open the data form for a PO invoice.
  2. Click the PO Line Pairing icon in the Invoice Line Items section. This interface allows you to pair line items from the purchase order to the invoice.

    A dialog box is displayed with a list of any PO line items available for pairing.

  3. Select the lines you want to pair with the purchase order, and then click OK. The selected lines are added to the Invoice Line Items section.
  4. Select the Show Line Item Errors button to view any errors that occurred during the pairing process. This button is a toggle and can be selected again to show the paired lines.
  5. Save and close the invoice data form.