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AP Automation - SAP
Foundation 22.1

The SAP life cycle contains several queues for resolving different error statuses on invoices. Your solution may contain different exception queues; contact your first line of support for more information.

The procedure for resolving each error status varies depending on the nature of the error. See the following descriptions of error queues in a typical AP Automation - SAP solution:

Error Queue


Capture Errors

Contains invoices that the automated capture process flagged as a capture error.

To resolve capture errors, click the Display Coding Form ad hoc task to view the invoice's data form and adjust any data values as needed. Once the invoice data is correct, click the Post to ERP ad hoc task to continue processing the invoice.

Posting Error

Contains invoices that returned a data error or system error from the ERP system when attempting to post to the ERP. The invoice has not been posted to the ERP system.

To resolve posting errors, contact your system administrator or first line of support, who can determine if the posting error is due to invalid data or underlying communication problems between OnBase and the ERP system.

Export Errors

Contains invoices that returned an error in the process of exporting invoice data as a CSV file to the ERP system. This error type is only applicable for SAP solutions that use CSV batch export functionality.

To resolve export errors, contact your system administrator or first line of support.


Improperly attempting to resolve errors in the Export Errors queue by re-posting invoices can result in posting duplicate invoice data or other unintended consequences.