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AP Automation - SAP

AP Automation - SAP
Foundation 22.1

In-flight invoices are available for review and updating in the SAP Workflow life cycle. Each invoice is located in the queue that corresponds to the invoice's position in the process.

In a typical AP Automation - SAP solution, much of the Workflow processing for invoices is performed automatically, but you may need to manually review and update invoices at some point.

To review and update invoices:

  1. In the Workflow layout in the Unity Client, select the queue that contains the invoice you want to review or process.

    If an invoice is in the Initial queue, you cannot process it until it is in another queue. Click the Execute Timer Work ad hoc task from the Queue Administration tab to move the invoice to another queue. (In a typical solution, the destination queue would be the Post to ERP queue.)

  2. Select the invoice to review and click the Display Coding Form ad hoc task. The invoice data form is displayed.
  3. From this form, you can check the invoice against the purchase order in the SAP system and any other supporting documents. You can also do the following on the invoice data form:
    • Modify any values as needed. Either enter any new values into a field, or use the search icon (magnifying glass) to search for data that is related to that field.

    • Click View Invoices for Vendor (90 Days) to view any other recent invoices for the selected vendor that have been entered. The invoices are listed in the Invoices for [Vendor Name] section of the form.

    • Pair purchase order lines with line items on a PO invoice. This is done in the Line Items section of the PO invoice form. See Pairing PO Lines for PO Invoices.

  4. Click Save and Close once you have viewed or modified the invoice.