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AP Automation - SAP

AP Automation - SAP
Foundation 22.1

Once an invoice has been posted to SAP, SAP processes the invoice and then populates the Voucher fields on the invoice. The information is then synced with OnBase, and the voucher information is displayed on the invoice indicating that the information has been received, and that a voucher has been created. This information is then stored in OnBase for future reference and retrieval.

To view the voucher information:

  1. Click the folder in your queue that contains invoices waiting for SAP to complete processing. In our scenario, the folder is titled Exit.
  2. Select an invoice to view and then select the Display Coding Form icon. The PO Invoice screen is displayed.

    The voucher information displays in the Voucher Number field at the top of the screen:

    This information displays only after SAP has received the invoice and is processing the information in the SAP application.