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AP Automation - Workday

AP Automation - Workday
Foundation 22.1

The Workday Integration Configuration Editor provides a user interface used to modify the Workday-specific settings of the OnBase Line of Business (LOB) Broker's web.config file. From this utility, users can modify any portion of the Hyland.Integrations.ERPActivity.WorkdayConfigSection.

To modify an element, select the element name from the pane on the left, and then modify the attributes for the element that display on the right.

When modifying element, note the following:

  • If a selected section is a list of items, Add new item to list and Remove this item from list buttons are displayed.

  • Changes made to any configurations are not saved until the Save Changes button is selected. When you save the changes using this utility, it removes any sections in the web.config file that were previously commented out, and reformats the section. If you currently have commented out sections of the Workday configuration section that you do not want to lose, you may want to make the changes to the web.config file using a text editor.