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AP Automation - Workday

AP Automation - Workday
Foundation 22.1

The following image illustrates the data flow between workday and OnBase:

Data flow is bi-directional, but is primarily initiated by OnBase. OnBase pulls, or requests data from Workday, as well as pushes, or submits data into Workday. All OnBase to Workday communication is performed through the Workday Web Services API. From within Workday, users have the ability to click a hyperlink to view a document, at which point an OnBase viewer is invoked.

Data that is pulled from Workday is used primarily to facilitate indexing within OnBase. Data that can be indexed can include Supplier names and addresses, Purchase Order header and line item detail, Spend Categories, Worktags, etc. The frequency of data polling is configured in the web.config file of the Application Server. See Application Server Web.config Settings for configuration information.

Data that is pushed from OnBase to Workday is the creation of the Supplier invoice in Workday. Once all of the indexing and Workflow processing is complete in OnBase, the invoice can be posted to Workday to create the Supplier Invoice. In some cases, they may happen automatically based on successful capture and OCR of all required information, in others it may be a step initiated as part of the OnBase Workflow.

The integration runs regularly throughout the day with OnBase polling Workday for information, and then as invoices are processed through OnBase, they are pushed to Workday in realtime.