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AP Automation - Workday

AP Automation - Workday
Foundation 22.1

You may have to manually pair invoice lines to purchase order lines.

To pair invoice lines to PO lines:

  1. In the Purchase Order Line Pairing section, you can manually pair lines from the Invoice to the PO. Lines can be paired by selecting the PO Line Pairing icon.

    A dialog box is displayed with a list of any PO line items available for pairing.

  2. Select the line or lines you want to pair with the PO, and then click OK. The line or lines you selected display in the Purchase Order Line Pairing section.
  3. You can select the Show Line Item Errors to view any errors that occurred during the pairing process. This button is a toggle and can be selected again to show the paired lines.
  4. You can also add or edit Worktags for each line item. Double-click on the line item for which you want to add/edit worktags. The PO Line Item dialog box is displayed.

    Worktags come from Workday. If you want to add or edit worktags for a PO Invoice in OnBase, you must map the worktags in the LOB Broker web.config file to tags created in Workday.

  5. Do one of the following:
    • To add a Worktag, click the Create Object icon.

      The Additional Worktags dialog box is displayed.

      In the Worktag field, either type a worktag into the field or select the Search button (magnifying glass icon) to search for a worktag. Upon completion, click Save and Close.


      You can use the wildcard (type an asterisk) to select and choose a spend category.

    • To edit a Worktag, select the worktag you want to edit from the Additional Worktags for Line Item section. Click the Edit icon.

      The fields for the item you selected are activated, allowing you to modify the information as needed.

      You can also select Add new row to add another Worktag to the line item directly from the Additional Worktags for Line Item section.

  6. Click Import to import the invoice. The PO Invoice - Import Document screen is displayed.

    If you have not yet captured a document for this invoice, you can do so now. Sample steps are provided here as a guide - your configured solution my differ.

    The information from the PO is populated in the appropriate fields in the Keywords section.

  7. Select the following information from the fields in the Upload section:
    • Document Type Group. Select Account Payable.

    • Document Type. Select AP - Invoice.

    • File Type. A file type is entered by default. You can select the drop-down list and choose a different file type.

    • Document Date. A default date is entered in the field. You can select a different date if necessary.

  8. Click Browse. Select the document to import. A preview of the document is displayed.
  9. Click Import to upload the document to the PO.
  10. Click Save and Close. The PO is added to the Initial folder in the Life Cycle queue on the Workflow tab.