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AP Automation - Workday

AP Automation - Workday
Foundation 23.1

The following steps must be completed in the Workday tenant before is it ready for integration. These steps are typically done by the customer.

  1. ISU Creation. OnBase requires that an integration server is created.
  2. End Point URLs. Workday integration uses a number of web services. There are a few endpoints needed from the Workday tenant before OnBase configuration can begin.
  3. DocPop configuration. As part of the invoice upload, a DocPop link is added to the invoice document in OnBase. Workday needs to have an understanding of what that link looks like. If DocPop has not been configured, use http/s as a placeholder.

    While DocPop is preferred, there may be some instances in which the Quick Access Viewer is a better fit for your solution. See the Quick Access Viewer module reference guide for more information.

There are two DLLs that must be in place for the integration with Workday to work properly. These DLLs must be placed in the RelayService bin directory, and include the following:

  • Hyland.Integrations.Workday.Common.dll

  • Hyland.Integrations.WorkdayERPActivitiesV28_0.dll

These DLLs are delivered with the product and can be found in the product folder.