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AP Automation - Workday

AP Automation - Workday
Foundation 23.1

Specific objects must be imported into OnBase Studio to allow the integration with Workday to function properly. The following files need to be imported into OnBase Studio:

  • WD_Workview.expk. This is the Workview export file and it must be imported first.

  • WD_MessageBroker.expk. This is the Message Broker export file.

  • WD_Lifecycle.expk. This is the Workflow export file.

These files are typically found in your build directory.

To import the required WorkView files into OnBase Studio:

  1. Login to the OnBase Studio. Ensure that you have the appropriate connection credentials to login to the proper data source.
  2. Click the Properties icon.
  3. Select OnBase - MANAGER. The Properties dialog box is displayed.
  4. Set the WorkView paths to any empty folder you want. Ideally, these would be a shared folder and you would enter a UNC path. For example, \\[MACHINE NAME]\[SHARED FOLDER]\Workview\Style_Sheet_Path.
  5. Click OK to save the paths.
  6. Click Import.

    The Import dialog box is displayed.

  7. In the File Name field, browse to the location of the files that need to be imported and import them in the following order:
    • WD_Workview.expk

    • WD_MessageBroker.expk

    • WD_Lifecycle.expk

  8. If the How do you want the OnBase Metadata items imported screen displays, select the Auto Resolve option, and then click Next to import the file.
  9. Click Finish to complete the import.
  10. Repeat steps 6 - 9 to import each of the three export files.