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AP Automation - Workday

AP Automation - Workday
Foundation 23.1

After a purchase order has been created in the Workday tenant, the invoices are scanned or entered into OnBase, and then the purchase order (that was created in Workday) is matched to the invoice in the Unity Client. In-flight invoices display in the Workday Document Lifecycle depending upon their position in the posting process. Documents may also be retrieved using traditional document retrieval or Workview filters.

To review and process invoices:

  1. Login to the Unity Client.
  2. Select the Workflow icon from the toolbar.

    The Workflow tab is displayed.


    If invoices have been entered in Workday, and then set to an Issued status, they display in the Workday Document Lifecycle in the Initial folder.

  3. Select the queue that contains the invoices you need to process or review. In our case, select either the Initial queue or the Post to Workday queue to view submitted invoices.
  4. If an invoice is in the Initial queue, you cannot process it until it is in the Post to Workday queue. Click the Create Workview Object icon to move the invoice to the Post to Workday queue.
  5. Select the invoice to review, and then click the Display Coding Form icon.

    The PO Invoice screen is displayed

  6. From this screen, you can check the purchase order against the invoice and the receiving report. You can also do the following on the PO Invoice screen:
    • Modify any values as needed. You can either type any new values into the field, or if a field contains a magnifying glass icon, you can select the icon to view any other data that is related to that field.

    • Click View Supplier Details to view the full details for the supplier including their status, address, any connections with other suppliers and recent invoices.

    • Pair PO lines with other PO lines from the invoice. This is done in the Purchase Order Line Pairing section.

  7. Click Save and Close once you have viewed or modified the PO Invoice.
  8. Click Post to Workday to send the invoice to be posted.