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API Server

API Server
Foundation 23.1

The storage system for the Temp File Service must be configured using the 5_tempfs.json file.

To configure this storage system:

  1. Run the following storage command from a command line interface:
    TempFileService.Configuration.exe storage
  2. Run the following subcommand from a command line interface with [path] replaced with the path to the 5_tempfs.json file and [tenant name] replaced with the tenant name in the Datasource string in 5_tempfs.json:
    select-database --json-config [path] --tenant [tenant name]
  3. Run the following command from a command line interface with [type] replaced with either S3 or UNC depending on the type of storage system in use:

    add --type [type]

    You are prompted to add in all relevant information for the storage system being configured.


    The Set Active Storage System options for TempFS are part of the storage system that needs to be set as the active storage system. TempFS offers various types of storage classes which consumes software. Currently, OnBase software only supports short-term storage. The --mid-term and –cache options exist for developers if they know they need to set them and any additional requirements or configurations. The proper choices for OnBase are Short-Term Storage = TRUE, and Mid-Term and Cache Storage Systems = FALSE.