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Admissions Process Automation for PeopleSoft

Admissions Process Automation for PeopleSoft
Foundation 23.1

When referencing Web services from an orchestration and attempting to do an MSI export, the export operation will succeed only if the associated virtual directories are of type IIsWebVirtualDir or IIsWebDirectory. IIsWebVirtualDir and IIsWebDirectory are the node types that appear in the IIS metabase. IIsWebVirtualDir is a virtual directory with a Path property that points to an absolute file folder. IIsWebDirectory is a virtual directory without a Path property and thus refers to a relative file folder, typically a subfolder of another IIsWebVirtualDir or IIsWebDirectory node. These two types are the ones typically seen in the metabase hierarchy to describe folders.

Virtual directories of type IIsConfigObject are not supported and the MSI export will fail in this case. IIsConfigObject is an unexpected metabase node type that is either a valid node type that BizTalk Server is not handling properly or an indication of an improperly created (and thus invalid) metabase entry. In this situation BizTalk Server will display an error message something like the following: Unexpected directory entry "IIS://LM/W3SVC/1/ROOT/BadVdir/" of type IIsConfigObject.