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Agenda Media

Agenda Media
Foundation 22.1

Once the YouTube channel has been created and verified, the Media Publisher config file must be modified to add the YouTube information.

To modify the MediaPublisher.config file:

  1. Open the MediaPublisher.config file. This file is typically in the following location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Hyland\Services\Media Publisher.
  2. In the <MediaServers> section, add the following information:
    • Type. Enter "YouTube"

    • Address. Enter ""

    • Port. Enter "1935"

    • Application. Enter "live"

    • User. Enter the email for the google account you created in Create a Google Account.

    • Clientid. Enter the client ID from step 5 in Create OAuth Consent Screen.

    You can also add keywords to the configuration file that are mapped to keywords in Agenda Online for the selected meeting type. This information is also used as a title and description for the media file in YouTube.


    When streaming live to either Agenda Online or YouTube, the keywords are not displayed. These values display only when the media file is uploaded after the meeting.

  3. In the <TransferServers> section, add the following information:
    • Type. Enter "YouTube"

    • Address. Enter ""

    The following keywords can be added to the Title and Description values in the <TransferServers> section in the MediaPublsiher.exe config file:

    • Meeting Name

    • Meeting Date

    • Meeting Type

    • Media ID

    • AM Meeting date time. This is a date that is formatted as you would see it in the Minutes meeting list.