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Agenda Media

Agenda Media
Foundation 22.1

Recorded media can be played back in OnBase Agenda Online or through the OnBase Minutes client.

A recorded media event is one file per meeting that has been run, and once uploaded to YouTube or the OnBase Cloud, it is stored in a standard mp4 file format. A recorded media event can also be archived in the local OnBase system and is also stored as an mp4. The media files are stored as a single OnBase document. The OnBase document can use standard keywords for index and search. If a media file has Closed Captioning enabled during recording, when archiving locally, or uploading to the OnBase Cloud, the Closed Caption text is extracted and saved as a separate OnBase file.

The Agenda Online portal for meetings is augmented with a player to provide live and on demand media viewing.

The OnBase Minutes Client provides a player to view and edit the media recording immediately after the recording has stopped.