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Agenda Media
Foundation 22.1

The Media Publisher component is software that enables video and audio content to be imported from external sources. The Media Publisher runs as a service on-premise to receive media streams from one or more encoders. The Media Publisher provides an interface to allow the publishing application to manage the incoming media streams, and to manage publishing to the host location. The service receives incoming streams using the RTMP protocol, which is used by many encoders to publish direct to media servers. The following list provides a look at what is supplied by the Media Publisher:

  • Consuming of media streams using the RTMP network protocol.

  • Recording of media stream data to disk in media file format (FLV).

  • Uploading recorded media files for Video On Demand (VOD) playback externally.

  • Archiving of recorded media files for storage.

  • Relaying incoming stream to re-stream media for live viewing.

The Media Publisher supports Closed Captions. The following encoder specifications must be in place:

  • For EIA/CEA/CTA-708 captions, a video encoder must extract the embedded 608 caption data and send it to Media Publisher.

  • For EIA/CEA/CTA-608 captions, a video encoder must encode and send the caption data to Media Publisher.