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Agenda Media

Agenda Media
Foundation 22.1

The publishing application interacts with the Media Publisher to control media production.

The OnBase Minutes application is the publishing application used to create and manage meeting content. OnBase Minutes:

  • Controls the broadcasting and recording of a live meeting.

  • Records the time when each meeting agenda item is discussed. A timestamp is saved to allow a viewer to locate an item start time from a published list of items.

  • Provides a basic video editor dialog box to enable editing of an event video file, such as trimming the start and end of the meeting video, and adjusting any timestamps that were recorded by the user at the incorrect time.

  • Provides the ability to timestamp the media when the agenda items are being discussed so that users can jump to the positions in the media based on links to the agenda items in OnBase Agenda Online.

  • Controls the broadcast of the live stream to an origin server by controlling the publish process. The live broadcast may be controlled independently of the event recording.

  • Initiates the upload of a recorded event to storage in the either YouTube or the OnBase Cloud. The OnBase Cloud provides a separate OnBase application server and logon to allow customers to store media data.

  • Allows recorded media to be uploaded after an event, so that it is available for viewing after the event as video-on-demand. Media file editing can occur before or after upload. If edited after upload, the edited media file can be uploaded again for storage, which replaces the previously uploaded version.


If a user has two Minutes Clients open, and they take over a meeting stream, and the recording types differ (audio/video vs. audio only), the meeting taking over the stream will have it's recording type changed to match the original meeting's recording type.