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Agenda Voting

Agenda Voting
Foundation 23.1

All configurations take place in the ObVotingClient.exe.config file. This file can be located in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Hyland\BoardMeeting\Voting Client directory on your local drive.

To configure options in the Voting Client:

  1. Open the Voting Client configuration file.
  2. Locate the <Hyland.VotingClient> section.
  3. In the Application Settings, there are three configuration options as follows:
    • FontSizeScale. Increase or decrease the size of the font used in the application. The default value is 0. The larger the value, the larger the font size in the Voting Client.

    • WindowStateOption. There are three values that can be entered:

      • Normal. The application opens in a normal window.

      • Maximized. The application opens in a maximized state.

      • FullScreen. The application opens in Full Screen mode and cannot be minimized or maximized.

    • ItemLinesToShow. Enter the number of lines an item title displays before it is collapsed. The minimum value is 2.

  4. Modify the settings as needed, and then click the Save icon.