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Agenda Voting

Agenda Voting
Foundation 23.1

The Board Meeting Service installer is located in the install\BoardMeeting\Voting Service folder of your OnBase Core Services build.


This service should be installed in a location that the Voting Display client, Voting Clients and Minutes Clients can connect to. The official name of this service is Hyland Board Meeting Service, but is often referred to as the Voting Service.

  1. From the Voting Service directory, double-click the setup.exe.
  2. Click Next at the Welcome dialog. The Destination Folder dialog box is displayed.
  3. At the Destination Folder dialog box, select the local folder to which to install the components. By default, components are installed to C:\Program Files\Hyland\Services\Board Meeting(32-bit operating systems) or C:\Program Files (x86)\Hyland\Services\Board Meeting(64-bit operating systems). Click Change to select a different folder for the installation.
  4. Click Next. The Service Location dialog box is displayed.
    Specify the following:

    Setting Name


    Service Path

    Type the server name and the application server name to complete the path to the service.

    Data Source

    Type the data source name (configured at the Application Server) that Voting will connect to, for example, OnBase.

  5. Click Next. The OnBase Account dialog box is displayed.
  6. In the User Name field, type the name of a user that has been configured in OnBase. This user account is not a Service account, rather a regular OnBase user for which you can define the permissions. This user will be used to log in to the Board Meeting Service.
  7. In the Password and Confirm Password fields, type the password for the OnBase user.
  8. Click Next. The Additional Settings dialog box is displayed.
  9. Do the following in the Additional Settings dialog box:
    • In the IP Address or Computer Name field, type the IP address or computer name where the Board Meeting service will be installed.

    • Ensure that the port in the Port field is set to the proper value.

    • Select the Enable TLS check box to allow the connection between the Voting Service and the Voting Client/Voting Display Client to be configured securely. See Using TLS/SSL with the Voting Service for more information on securing this connection.

  10. Click Next. One of the following happens depending on if you selected the Use TLS/SSL option:
    • If the Enable TLS option is selected, the NT Service User Account dialog box is displayed.

      Select the check box to specify a domain account to run the NT Service, and then type the user name and password in the appropriate fields. This step can also be skipped if necessary.

    • If the Use TLS/SSL option is not selected, the Unsecured Connection Risks dialog box is displayed.

      This dialog box lists the potential risks when not using TLS/SSL. Select the check box to acknowledge the risks and to continue with the installation.

  11. Click Next. The Ready to Install Hyland Voting Service dialog box is displayed.
  12. Click Install. The Voting Service is installed.
  13. Upon completion, click Finish to complete the process and close the installation dialog box.

    To allow the Voting Client to connect with OnBase Minutes, the BoardMeeting Service must be started.