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Agenda Voting

Agenda Voting
Foundation 23.1

If documents are attached to the agenda item, they can be viewed in the Details tab.

To view documents:

  1. Select the arrows next to the Documents link. Any attached documents are displayed.
  2. Click the document name. The first page of the document is displayed in the right pane.
  3. Do any of the following to view the document:
    • If the document has more than one page, use the arrows located in the top-left corner of the document to view all the pages of the document. If you are using a mobile device, you can swipe either left or right to view the pages in the document.

      Note the following:

      • If more than one supporting document is available, when you reach the last page on the current document and you continue to click the right arrow, the next document automatically opens. If you are using a mobile device, keep swiping to open the next document.

      • Once you reach the last page of a single document, or the last page of a series of documents, the right arrow is disabled.

    • Use the magnification options to view the document. Magnifications options include:

      • Fit Page to Window Width. This option fits the document page to the width of the screen.

      • Fit Full Page to Window. This option fits one full document page to the window.

      • Zoom Slider. Use the slider to zoom in and out of the document page.