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Agenda Voting

Agenda Voting
Foundation 23.1

Speakers who can speak on sections and items can come from the public or from meeting members. Public speakers are assigned to agenda sections and items through OnBase Minutes (see the OnBase Minutes module reference guide for more information). Member speakers can request to speak on an item from the Agenda tab in the Voting client.

Meeting members can request to speak on a section or item by clicking the ellipsis icon, and then selecting Request to Speak from the pop-up menu.


The Request to Speak option is not active until the meeting manager has started the meeting.

You can determine if speakers have requested to speak on items by viewing the icons on the Agenda tab.

The icons indicate the following:



This icon indicates that a meeting member has requested to speak, and is in the queue for this item.

This icon indicates that there are one or more public or member speakers waiting to speak on an item.

To view the speakers on the Details tab:

  1. Click one of the available speaker icons, and select Go to Speakers from the pop-up menu.

    The Speakers are displayed on the Details tab. The number next to each icon indicates the number of Public and Members speakers who want to speak on the section or item.

    Speaker icons indicate the following:



    Public Speaker icon

    Member Speaker icon

  2. Select either the Public option or the Member option to view the speakers that have requested to speak on the agenda item. If there are no speakers for one of the options (Public or Member), a 0 is displayed.

    Members can also cancel their request to speak by selecting the Cancel Request to Speak option from either the pop-up menu, or from the Details tab.

  3. When a Public speaker has spoken, their name is moved to the Spoken column on the Details screen.