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Application Enabler

Application Enabler
Foundation 23.1

To manually create an AEPop link, you must first gather the scrape data XML for the context(s) you want users to execute. This can be easily accomplished by using demo mode to gather scrape data which is then presented in a scrape event window in your Web browser. Then, you can obtain the data for the scrape event(s) by viewing the page source.

After enabling demo mode, perform the following steps to gather the scrape data XML:

  1. Using demo mode, trigger an Application Enabler context event to display the Scrape Event window.
  2. View the source code of the content in the scrape event window. The method for viewing the source of the page varies depending on your Web browser.
    The following text is an example of scrape data XML obtained from the scrape event window's page source:
<SCRAPE> <ADDITIONALINFO GeneratedForLiveMode="0" GeneratedForDiscoveryMode="0" /> <CONTEXT name="Unity Client - Retrieval" localename="Application Enabler - Retrieve Documents" /> <DOCTYPE id="101" name="AP - Vendor Invoice" /> <DOCTYPE id="102" name="AP - Purchase Order" /> <DOCTYPE id="127" name="AP - Checks" /> <HOTSPOT name="&lt;&lt; Screen &gt;&gt;" AllowLiveDocumentRetrieval="1" AllowLiveException="1" MemorizeOnly="0" AlsoFireEvents="0" RequireMemorizedData="0" WarningLevel="0" AutoClearMemorizedData="0" /> <KEYWORD id="103" name="Customer Name" value="O&apos;Doyle Economical Imports" indexonly="0" dataType="10" /> <KEYWORD id="114" name="Invoice #" value="1220" indexonly="0" dataType="10" /> <SCREEN name="Accounts Payable" id="{3CB6FBFE-71BD-4C1B-B4C1-A3D17B51271F}" /> </SCRAPE>