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Application Enabler

Application Enabler
Foundation 23.1

After you have gathered the scrape data XML, all of the special characters listed below that are present in any of the scrape data value fields must be encoded.


This only applies to the field values, and not all characters within the XML source.

Special Character

Encoded Character











Additionally, you can format the XML data by removing elements which are not required as part of the link. This helps to reduce the overall character count of the link.

The CONTEXT name field is required. The following elements and/or field values can safely be removed from the scrape data XML for the purpose of reducing the character count of the AEPop link:

  • The CONTEXT localename field value

  • The ADDITIONALINFO element

  • The HOTSPOT element

  • The SCREEN element

  • The DOCTYPE name field value

  • The KEYWORD name field value

  • Any KEYWORD value field values (if necessary)


Although you can safely remove the DOCTYPE name, KEYWORD name, and KEYWORD value field values, the DOCTYPE id and KEYWORD id field values are still required.


Context names are case-sensitive. Ensure that the character case of the context in the XML matches the character case of the context as it is displayed in Application Enabler. Incorrectly formatted contexts will not be recognized.


Do not remove entire value fields from XML elements if there are missing or empty values (e.g., KEYWORD value=""). Removing entire value fields that have empty values will cause silent errors to occur when attempting to access the AEPop link.