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Application Enabler

Application Enabler
Foundation 23.1

To provide this level of integration, you must have the ability to dynamically construct the URL and access the LOB pages in order to install a button object or hyperlink that can access specific metadata from the LOB page. Once your OnBase system is properly configured with Dynamic Folders, Document Types, Keyword Types, and access to a Web Server, the generated URL can be configured by mapping the Keyword Types to the LOB fields.

To create and save the configuration mapping in the ACC Viewer, a user must have the Keyword Configuration Configuration Right. After the mapping is saved, LOB end users will be able to press the button or click the hyperlink that has been added to the LOB screen to display the related OnBase documents based on the metadata passed in the URL. Additionally, mapped data can be used to pre-populate Keyword Values for documents that will be scanned or uploaded via the ACC Viewer.