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Application Enabler

Application Enabler
Foundation 23.1

The design of the integration allows the LOB Application to link with OnBase using context-specific URL string configurations that open in an Internet Explorer browser window. The following is an example of the URL string: =2323& PROJECTNAME= Bates%20Dr%20Sidewalks&LOCATION=Bay%20Village

The URL string is comprised of the following sections:

  • : This section of the URL defines the OnBase host address and processing page.

  • DBID=TEST : This section of the URL defines the system identifier to use for this query. It can be used to help distinguish between test systems and production systems.

  • ScreenID=WORKORDER-ATTACHMENTS : This section of the URL is used to identify the context within the calling LOB application to use for this query. The first value is used to specify the context. Optionally, another value can be added to the string after a dash (-) character. This second value is used to specify the subcontext. In the above example, "WORKORDER" is the context, and "ATTACHMENTS" is the subcontext identifying a specific function being performed.

  • ACCACTION=View: This section of the URL is used to identify the action being requested. The available actions include:

    • VIEW – Retrieves document(s) matching the specified search criteria. If no action is defined, the View action is used by default.

    • SCAN – Immediately launches the ad-hoc scanning dialog.

    • IMPORT – Immediately launches the file upload dialog.

  • WORKORDERID=2323&PROJECTNAME= Bates%20Dr%20Sidewalks&LOCATION=Bay%20Village: This section of the URL defines parameters to be used as the names and values of the Line of Business object fields to be used by OnBase for the document query, import or scan. The only requirement for the names of these parameters is that they are the same for each request from a given business object/screen.