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Application Enabler

Application Enabler
Foundation 23.1

The user who is mapping the enabled application to OnBase must have administrative access to both OnBase and the enabled third-party application pages. In addition, the user must have the Keyword Configuration Configuration Right.

  1. Log in to the third-party application and navigate to the enabled page. The search parameters entered don't matter as long as you can view the enabled page.
  2. Click the button added to the page that enables the OnBase integration. This launches the OnBase Application Client Connector “puzzle piece” configuration page.

    The initial connection to the Application Client Connector may take some time to be established. You may also be required to provide your OnBase login credentials to complete the connection.

    If the Configuration page is not displayed, click the Configuration button in the main Application Client Connector toolbar:

  3. From the Select Folder drop-down list, select the OnBase folder you created to contain the documents archived from this page.
  4. From the Select Document Type drop-down list, select the OnBase Document Type you created for the documents archived from this page.
  5. In the lower pane, select a field (represented by a “puzzle piece”) from the ACC Fields column. The puzzle pieces in this column represent the fields and their values in the third-party application.
  6. Drag the selected field toward the Keyword Types column so that the yellow box is in line with the OnBase Keyword Type it corresponds to.

    Keyword Types that are part of a Multi-Instance Keyword Type Group are not available for mapping.

  7. Release the mouse button when the ACC Field puzzle piece is in line with the corresponding Keyword Types puzzle piece. The two puzzle pieces are connected, signifying that the value from the ACC field is used to populate the Keyword Type value in OnBase that it is connected to.

    For PeopleSoft enabled applications, do not map the PeopleSoftID field. This field is used by the system to identify the PeopleSoft page and keyword record that define the information for the puzzle pieces.

  8. Repeat the mapping process for each Keyword Type that needs to be mapped to an ACC field.

    To remove a Keyword mapping, click the red X on the right edge of the ACC field puzzle piece.

  9. After mapping all of the ACC fields to their corresponding OnBase Keyword Types, click the Save Mappings icon in the upper right corner of the page.

    To clear the current mappings, click the Clear All Mappings button.

  10. Repeat these steps for each Document Type you are configuring.

To access the configuration area later, click the Configuration button in the main Application Client Connector toolbar:

Additional configuration for the Application Client Connector is necessary, and depends on the OnBase integration module you are using. Consult the module reference guide for your OnBase integration module for specific configuration information regarding the Application Client Connector.