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Application Enabler

Application Enabler
Foundation 23.1

If configured correctly, Folders are created automatically when a document with matching Keyword values is retrieved using an Application Client Connector (ACC) link, as long as no Folder currently exists for the document. If no documents with matching Keyword values exist in OnBase, a Folder is not created. When a Folder is created, all documents in OnBase that satisfy the configuration parameters of the Folder are added to it automatically.


The user retrieving the document must have the permissions necessary to create Folders and retrieve the Document Type of the document in order for Folders to be created.

Access Folders configuration by selecting Folder Types from the Document menu of the OnBase Configuration module.

  1. Right click in the left-hand pane and select New File Cabinet. This is the file cabinet that will contain the folders for the documents archived using the enabled application.
  2. The file cabinet shouldn't require any further configuration, but ensure that the following default options are selected on the Settings tab:
    • Contents: Folders Only

    • Child Folder Manual Add Options: Cannot Manually Add Child Folders

  3. On the User Groups tab, select the User Groups that will have access to the new file cabinet.

    It is not necessary to grant users User Group access to this file cabinet in order for them to access documents through ACC. In order to access documents through ACC, a user only needs permission to access the Folder Type to which the relevant documents are assigned.

  4. Click Save.