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Application Enabler

Application Enabler
Foundation 23.1

The following upgrade considerations have been compiled by OnBase subject matter experts. These upgrade considerations are general and applicable to most OnBase solutions and network environments and should be considered each time an upgrade is performed.

Carefully consider the impact of making any changes, including those listed below, prior to implementing them in a production environment.

For additional general information about upgrading OnBase, refer to the Upgrade Guidelines reference manual , and visit the Hyland Community at: https://www.hyland.com/community.

ADO.NET Connection Strings and ODBC Connections

As of OnBase 18, the database connection method for the ACC Document Import Service is ADO.NET connection strings. The ACC Document Import Service no longer supports ODBC connections to connect to the OnBase database. If you are upgrading from version 17 or earlier, you must update your solution to use connection strings, either by running the ACC Document Import Service installer or by manually adding the connection strings to the configuration file for the service.

Verify User Browsers

OnBase browser support is updated for each release. Before upgrading your ACC solution, ensure that your users are working with browsers supported for version Foundation 23.1.