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Application Enabler

Application Enabler
Foundation 23.1

The Index Doc button in your LOB application allows users to re-index documents already archived in OnBase with values updated in the LOB application.


Depending on your system's configuration, this button may not be available or may not function exactly as described below. Contact your system administrator if your system does not appear to be configured for re-indexing.

To re-index a document in OnBase:

  1. Log in to your LOB application and locate the record for the document you want to re-index.
  2. Update the values for the record in the LOB application.
  3. In a second window, log in to OnBase using the OnBase Client, Web Client, or Unity Client and retrieve the document to be re-indexed.
  4. Right click the document in OnBase and select Re-Index. The re-indexing dialog is displayed.
  5. Back in the LOB application, click the Index Doc button. The values for mapped Keywords are updated in OnBase.
  6. Click Re-Index in the OnBase re-indexing dialog. The re-indexed values are saved in OnBase.

    The Application Enabler client must be running on the workstation performing the re-indexing. For complete details on using Application Enabler, see the Application Enabler help files or module reference guide.