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Application Enabler
Foundation 23.1

The Print Barcode Sheet(s) button allows users who are licensed for this feature to print bar code sheets.


Print Barcode Sheet(s) is only supported for use with Microsoft Internet Explorer.

The purpose of creating a bar code separator sheet is to differentiate between groups of related documents. Bar code separator sheets can be laid on top of a group of related documents and delivered to a centralized scanning station. When the documents are scanned into OnBase, the bar code sheets act as document separators and provide Keyword indexing values. Once scanned, the documents are available to LOB application users without any additional interaction.

To print bar code separator sheets from within the LOB application interface:

  1. Click the Print Barcode Sheet(s) toolbar button.
  2. Each OnBase Document Type configured for the current LOB form is listed in the Select document type for barcode printing dialog box.

    Select All is selected by default, meaning all available Document Types are selected by default. Deselect any Document Types that you do not want to print bar code separator sheets for.

    Optionally, you can deselect Select All to deselect all Document Types, then select just those Document Types you want to print bar code separator sheets for.


    Do not select more than four Document Types for printing. Attempting to print bar code separator sheets for more than four Document Types at once may result in unexpected behavior.

  3. Select Send to Printer.
  4. Select the desired printer and other options in the Windows print dialog box.
  5. Click Print.