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Application Enabler

Application Enabler
Foundation 23.1

Before you can use Application Enabler Live, you must configure at least one hotspot in your line-of-business application. For Document Type names to be displayed in the Live Count window, Document Types must be configured for the hotspot.

Exceptions can also be turned on or off at the hotspot level. When exceptions are turned off, the red exclamation point is not displayed in the Live Count window. For more information about turning exceptions on or off, see Select Folder Type, Keyword Values Used, Document Types, Keyword Types, Date Parameters, and Other Elements.

If you are configuring an application and experience exceptions that are disruptive, you can enable Silent Mode. The Silent Mode option is selected in Application Enabler Configuration. This option is located on the Options dialog box's Advanced tab.

Application Enabler Live can be used with text-based applications only when using Application Enabler 's OCR functionality.