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Application Enabler

Application Enabler
Foundation 23.1

Once a line-of-business application screen is configured, little to no maintenance is required. The only time a configuration needs to be changed is when there is a:

  1. Change in the line-of-business application screen interface.
    When a new version of the line-of-business application is installed, it may be necessary to reconfigure Application Enabler to recognize the new layout of screens and keywords. Only the line-of-business application screens that have changed need to be reconfigured.
  2. Change in the line-of-business application's data format.

    If the format of a Keyword Value changes, it may be necessary to reconfigure screens that have been configured to retrieve documents based on the Keyword Type.

    For text-based applications, simply reconfigure the screen. When the keyword mapping screen is reached, select Settings and change the options accordingly. For other applications, the screen must be deleted and reconfigured and the keyword settings modified to accommodate the change in keyword format.

  3. Change in the line-of-business application's functionality.

    If the way a line-of-business application screen functions changes, it may be necessary to reconfigure the application.

    For example, if a new version of a text-based line-of-business application changes the way the Copy to Clipboard operates, it would be necessary to reconfigure the Copy to Clipboard keyboard sequences to match the new sequence.

  4. Need to enable more screens than were initially configured.
    To add additional screens to an existing configuration, open the configuration and enable the new screens.
  5. Need to change the documents that are retrieved or indexed.
    To retrieve different documents from an application screen, reconfigure the screen.
  6. Change in the indexing method.
    For example, a user initially sets up Application Enabler to scrape a single primary keyword, making use of the AutoFill Keyword Set feature to populate remaining Keyword Values. If you no longer want to use the AutoFill Keyword Set, reconfigure the screen.