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Application Enabler

Application Enabler
Foundation 23.1

Only Application Enabler contexts can be used when posting scrape events to Application Enabler. Other contexts (e.g., Desktop, Disconnected Scanning, Web Client) cannot be used.

Some line-of-business applications may allow you to configure an area of the screen (for example, an HTML button) to post data to Application Enabler. This allows you to send the scrape event XML data as an HTTP POST request, which will pass scrape event XML data directly into Application Enabler. There is virtually no character length limit when creating an HTTP POST request to pass scrape data into Application Enabler.

To post a scrape event:

Configure the line-of-business application to generate an HTTP POST request to the address configured for HTTPAutomation or HTTPSAutomation.


The URL must point to the local machine. If you modified the port value in the steps above, ensure that the proper port value is used in the URL.

Ensure that the POST request contains all of the scrape event XML. To obtain the scrape event XML data, enable demo mode and trigger the necessary context event to display the Scrape Event window. Then, view the page source or click the Show/Hide AE URI areas button to obtain the scrape event XML data.

The following example shows the basic format for an HTTP POST request that will pass scrape data into Application Enabler from a submit button:


Special characters within the scrape event XML data fields (e.g., & < > " and ') must be encoded. For example, in the image above, the HOTSPOT name value of <<Screen>> has been encoded as &lt;&lt Screen &gt;&gt;.


Application Enabler must be running in order for the HTTP POST request to be successful.