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Application Enabler

Application Enabler
Foundation 23.1

A hotspot enables a line-of-business application edit field to return a subset of results based on information specific to a single field. For example, to enable a line-of-business application to return documents based on Account # only, configure the Account # field as a hotspot. If no hotspots have been configured on a line-of-business application, results are displayed only if they match all enabled fields on the line-of-business application screen.

Configuring hotspots can make indexing specific to different Document Types. Each hotspot can be associated with a different Document Type. When a hotspot is initiated, the document will be indexed using the associated Document Type. To configure hotspots, click Advanced in Application Enabler Configuration.


Some limitations for text-based applications exist. Mapping multiple hotspots that could contain the same value will return results based on the first instance of the value, regardless of the hotspot that was selected. Using stripping, parsing, or appending can aid in differentiating between the different hotspot values. Use the DDE option whenever possible to avoid this limitation.