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Application Enabler

Application Enabler
Foundation 23.1

Demo Mode can be used to do the following:

  • Test whether an application can be integrated with OnBase in the absence of an OnBase system.

  • Debug an existing configuration.

  • Be used as a diagnostic utility for other offices and customer sites.

Demo Mode is useful for configuring screens when there is no OnBase client to connect to. In Demo Mode, Application Enabler does not do the following:

  • Retrieve or index documents. Instead, it displays a dialog box showing the Document Type, Keyword Type, and Keyword Value information configured for and scraped from the screen.

  • Include an index icon.

  • Provide the ability to configure hotspots.

To use Demo Mode in Application Enabler Configuration:

  1. Add the -DEMO command line switch to the shortcut, or activate Demo Mode within the Application Enabler Configuration interface.
  2. Configure the line-of-business application as normal.
  3. After selecting the screen to enable, the Document Types dialog box is displayed as normal. However, since there is no OnBase database to connect to, there are no Document Types to select. If the -DEMO command line switch is applied, there are some hard coded simulated Document Types to choose from. If not, the only Document Types available to choose from are those already configured within the Application Enabler. Choose as many as needed, though at least one must be selected.
  4. The Keyword Types Configuration dialog box also includes a list of simulated Keyword Types. The same Keyword Type can be used to map all or just one field in the line-of-business application.
  5. Continue the configuration as normal.