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Application Enabler

Application Enabler
Foundation 23.1

If an Application Enabler Configuration is not returning the correct documents from OnBase, run Application Enabler in Demo Mode.

The Scrape Event dialog box will display and show what was scraped from the screen. If there is no value next to the keyword, then Application Enabler could not scrape the value from the line-of-business application screen. The result of this would be to have Application Enabler return a hit list of all the documents for the Document Type configured for the screen. In this example, the screen was properly recognized. If the screen was not configured properly this dialog would not appear because Application Enabler did not recognize the current screen as being enabled.

The following is an example of an unsuccessful test; notice that Application Enabler could not find any Keyword Values on the line-of-business application screen.


Make sure there are values in the keyword fields that were mapped to.

A screen such as this means that the screen needs to be reconfigured using different keyword mappings.

If the application still does not work, contact your first line of support.