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Application Enabler

Application Enabler
Foundation 23.1

The HTML-based application configuration process creates links between HTML-based line-of-business application data fields and OnBase Keyword Types. After opening Application Enabler Configuration, create links by doing the following.

  1. Open the line-of-business application to enable. See Open the Line-of-Business Application.
  2. Create links between line-of-business application fields and Document Types and Keyword Types. See Create Links Between Line-of-Business Application Screens/Fields and System Keywords.
    • Create a new HTML screen configuration in Application Enabler Configuration.

    • Identify the HTML screen to enable.

    • If no Name is displayed on the General section, click View Window Info Tree and find the ‘parent' of the control you are going to use. See View Window Info Tree for more information.

  3. Log on to OnBase. You have access to the only those documents for which you have been granted rights. See Logging on to OnBase.
    • Select the Document Types to be retrieved when on the line-of-business application screen. See Select Document Types.

  4. Establish a link between the OnBase Keyword Types, Unity Form fields, or WorkView attributes to a location on the line-of-business application screen. See Associating Keyword Types, Unity Form Fields, or WorkView Attributes.
    • Click Settings to access formatting options. Select the appropriate stripping options to eliminate unwanted characters or spaces. Appropriate formatting options are available for date or currency. See Settings.


    The formatting options on the Strip, Parse, and Append tabs can work in conjunction with one another. Formatting options are applied sequentially, such that options on the Strip tab are applied first, followed by options on the Parse tab, and then by options on the Append tab. Options on these tabs are also applied sequentially, from the top of the tab to the bottom of the tab.

  5. Configure properties. See Properties Dialog Box.
  6. Save your configuration. See Save and Close.
  7. Optionally, configure hotspots. See Configuring Hotspots.