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Application Enabler

Application Enabler
Foundation 23.1

Clicking View Window Info Tree in the Settings dialog box opens the Info Tree dialog box:

This dialog box contains the following information for the application and the application's fields:

  • Caption/Value

  • Window ID

  • Window Handle

  • Class Name

This information can be helpful during configuration. This dialog box allows you to identify the parent window, a sub window, or field. To identify any parent, window, or field, right-click on any item and select Highlight.

In addition, you can right-click on the window and select Search to search. For Smart-Screen, Windows-based, text-based, HTML-based, and Dynamics GP-based applications, the Caption/Value item will be searched. For Java-based applications, Value, AccessName, and AccessDescription will be searched.

You can also right-click on the window and select Save As to save the data in the Info Tree dialog box to a text file.


When configuring a Silverlight application and multiple windows in the tree hierarchy have the same Caption/Value, either level can be used for scraping, however, it is recommended to use the lowest level of the Caption/Value.

A box flashes four times around the window or field, represented by the selected item, in the enabled application.

You can select the window or field you wish to enable from the Info Tree dialog box by right-clicking on the item you wish to enable and selecting Use Selected Window. The window or field you selected will be the enabled control that is used to gather user input in the enabled application.