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Application Enabler

Application Enabler
Foundation 23.1

To extract words:

  1. Select the Word extraction check box.
  2. Enter the word number where the words that are to be extracted start in the Starting position field.
  3. Enter the number of words you want to extract from the keyword value in the Number of words field.
  4. Enter the character that separates the words in the Separators field. If you want to use a tab as a separator, click the Insert Tab button. A tab will be placed in the field.

    The default separator character is a space. Multiple characters can be entered into the field. Only one character can be used at one time and the character used must come from the list of characters entered into the Separators field. You must delete the space character from the field if you do not want to use spaces as separators.

  5. If you want to account for blank values that may exist between separators, select the Increment word count after each separator option. This option will ensure that the number of values corresponds with the number of separators.
  6. If you want to begin counting words from the end of the line, select the Count words from the end option.

    If Count words from the end is selected, Application Enabler will count back the specified number of words, and then extract the set number of words forward from that point.

  7. Click OK to return to the Keyword Type Configuration screen.