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Application Enabler

Application Enabler
Foundation 23.1

To find the appropriate Accepted Delta Variance, Verbose Mode must be enabled. A Verbose file (AEVerbose.txt) is created in the system's TEMP directory, defined in the system's Environment Variables. The Verbose file captures the current X and Y coordinates for scraped values when an enabled element is selected.

In order to find the smallest variance to identify the selected element, the enabled application may need to be tested on multiple systems. The following are examples of Verbose files with information pertaining to an application that has a resizable window. The first Verbose file is related to a smaller window size. The second relates to a larger window size. The greater difference of the X or Y coordinates should be used as the Accepted Delta Variance value. The following example shows an application window in two different sizes. Different sizes of application windows can occur when computers have different resolutions or the application window has been resized. The first window is a smaller window. The enabled field is positioned at the following coordinates: 43, 202. The second window is slightly larger. The box drawn with a dotted line in the second window represents the size of the first window. In the slightly larger window, the enabled field is positioned at the following coordinates: 37, 200. If a delta variance is not set, this slight change in coordinate values will cause Application Enabler to not identify the field.

In this example, the difference for the X coordinate is 6. The difference in the Y coordinate is 2. Performing tests like this example can help you decide how much variance to allow. In this example, the Accepted Delta Variance value would have to be equal to or greater than 6 units in order for the enabled field to be identified by Application Enabler in both window sizes. The average Accepted Delta Variance is between 10 and 20.