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Application Enabler

Application Enabler
Foundation 23.1

When this context is executed, Application Enabler can only open an Internet Explorer window and will not respect the default browser of the workstation.

In order for the Application Enabler - FolderPop context to function correctly, the <FolderPop> setting in the Unity Client configuration file must be set appropriately.

The url attribute must be set equal to the path to the FolderPop.aspx page.

If you want FolderPop to use the same window each time it is triggered, the openInNewWindow attribute must be set to false.

When sendSessionID is set to true, users are required to log in to the Unity Client for the first FolderPop scrape event. Subsequent FolderPop scrape events do not require an additional log in.

When sendSessionID is set to false, for every subsequent FolderPop scrape event, users must log into FolderPop. If you are using Active Directory authentication, LDAP authentication, or Single Sign On, and the sendSessionID is set to false, a new session will be used every time the user does a FolderPop scrape event. The user will not have to log in manually, but a new session and a license will be consumed for each scrape event. If you are not using Active Directory authentication, LDAP authentication, or Single Sign On and sendSessionID is set to false, to avoid requiring the user to login for each folder retrieval, a default login needs to be configured.

The useURL attribute controls whether scraped data is appended to the URL. When useURL is set to true, scraped data is appended to the URL. If the length of the scraped data is larger than the maximum length of the URL, the data may be truncated. When useURL is set to false, scraped data is not appended to the URL.


Set useURL to true to use FolderPop when Windows UAC is enabled.

The Application Enabler - FolderPop context does not support multiple instances of a single keyword and will always use "and" as an operator to join Keyword Values together for retrieval. All scraped Keyword Values must match the values associated with a folder in order for a folder to be returned. It will always compare Keyword Values scraped to the folders Keyword Values using the "=" operator.

In addition, the datasource must be set for FolderPop in the Hyland.Web.FolderPop element of the Web Server's web.config file. The following must be set to a valid datasource. The following is an example, where DATASOURCE represents the name of a valid ODBC datasource:

<add key="datasource" value="DATASOURCE"></add>


This web.config setting is located in the Hyland.Web.FolderPop element. There are other web.config settings named datasource, but they are located in different elements.

Regardless of the datasource specified for FolderPop, Application Enabler will use the datasource that is specified for the service it is using to connect. The datasource setting is required for the FolderPop context to work, but it can differ from the datasource Application Enabler is using. This configuration allows the standard FolderPop integration to maintain a specific datasource that will be used for FolderPop retrieval outside of Application Enabler retrieval.