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Application Enabler

Application Enabler
Foundation 23.1

When this context is executed, Application Enabler can only open an Internet Explorer window and will not respect the default browser of the workstation.

In order for the Application Enabler - Patient Window context to function correctly, the Patient Window - MPI or Patient Window - MRN Keyword Types must be selected for the Document Type on the Keyword Type Configuration screen in Application Enabler.


The Patient Window - MPI and Patient Window - MRN Keyword Types are part of Application Enabler Configuration. You do not need to create these Keyword Types in the OnBase Configuration module.


When used with Application Enabler, OnBase Patient Window allows medical records to be retrieved by MPI and/or MRN.

In addition, the <PatientWindow> setting in the Unity Client configuration file must be set appropriately.

The url attribute must be set to the path to the Login.aspx page on the web server.

If OnBase Patient Window should share sessions with the Unity Client and not require a log in every time a related context is triggered, the sendSessionID attribute must be set to true.

Additionally, when session sharing is enabled for OnBase Patient Window, a checksum is appended to the OnBase Patient Window URL. This adds an extra layer of security. For checksum validation to occur, EnableChecksum must be set to true in the OnBase Patient Window Web.config file. For more information on the EnableChecksum setting, see the Patient Window documentation.

If you want the patient information banner to be displayed, the showBanner attribute must be set to true. Additionally, you must create a custom element for the hotspot with the following values:

Custom Element Attribute







Enter the banner's configured identifier. For example, if a banner has an identifier of complete, you would enter complete as the Value attribute.

OnBase Patient Window scrape events require users to log in to OnBase Patient Window.

For instructions on how to create a custom element, see Creating a Custom Element for Sorting Documents upon Scrape.