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Application Enabler

Application Enabler
Foundation 23.1

When this context is executed, Application Enabler can only open an Internet Explorer window and will not respect the default browser of the workstation.


To access charts through DeficiencyPop, users must have sufficient Medical Records Management privileges. See the Medical Records Management Solution help file for information about required privileges for chart access.

In order for the Application Enabler - Retrieve Deficiencies context to function correctly, the <DefPop> setting in the Unity Client configuration file must be set appropriately. The url attribute must be set equal to the path to the DeficiencyPop login.aspx page.

If you want external deficiencies to be returned in the list, set the external attribute to yes. If you do not want to include external deficiencies, set the external attribute to no.

If you want DeficiencyPop to share sessions with the Unity Client and not require a log in every time a related context is triggered, the sendSessionID attribute must be set to true.

DeficiencyPop scrape events require users to log in to DeficiencyPop.