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Application Enabler

Application Enabler
Foundation 23.1

You can build your own JSON object using the values of the keywords and actions you have configured in Application Enabler. The JSON object is sent as POST data using the following URL:

http://localhost:<Port Number>/AE/Connector

Example of a JSON connection:


"Connection":"Sample AP Connection","

Replace "Sample AP Connection" with the name of your own connection.

Category":{"Name":"Sample AP Category"},

Replace "Sample AP Category" with the name of your own category.

"Action":{"Name":"Retrieve AP Documents"},

Replace "Retrieve AP Documents" with the name of your own action.

"Keywords":[{"Name":"PO #","Value":"656"}]

You can add any number of Keywords by repeating the string {"Name":"KeywordType","Value":"KeywordValue"} and replacing the KeywordType and KeywordValue with your own values. Ensure all keyword strings are inside the [ ] brackets.


The JSON object in its entirety:

{"Connection":"Sample AP Connection","Category":{"Name":"Sample AP Category"},"Action":{"Name":"Retrieve AP Documents"},"Keywords":[{"Name":"PO #","Value":"656"}]}

If the actions you have configured in Application Enabler are using the default connection or category, the JSON object does not need to contain the connection or category, and depending on your configuration could look like this:

{"Action":{"Name":"Retrieve AP Documents"},"Keywords":[{"Name":"PO #","Value":"656"}]}