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Application Enabler

Application Enabler
Foundation 23.1

When running in Verbose Mode, Application Enabler logs configuration information and user keystrokes to the AEVerbose.txt file. This file is saved in the TEMP directory, defined in the system's Environment Variables. This configuration information can be helpful during troubleshooting. Verbose Mode is for diagnostic use only. System administrators are the only users who should use Verbose Mode.


You cannot open AEVerbose.txt while Application Enabler is open.

The following information is logged when Verbose is enabled:

VEvent Info

Window Handle: 0X405A6

Module Name: SHELL32.dll

Command Line: Explorer

HotSpot: (64,100)

Event Info

Window Handle: 0XF05D2

Module Name: MSVBVM60.DLL

Command Line: Payment.exe

HotSpot: (25,11)

Application: payment.exe

Module: msvbvm60.dll

Command Line: payment.exe


Application: payment.exe

Module: msvbvm60.dll

Command Line: payment.exe


Screen:Index: 0ID: 0Pos.: (1000,1000)

Hotspot:Index: 0ID: 0Pos.: (1000,1000)

The Window Handle item is the window API ID for the enabled window. The HotSpot item is the coordinates of the hotspot that the user clicked on. The Application item is the enabled application.

If you are using DDE, the following line will be present in your verbose file followed by information pertinent to the cursor position:

*** DDE data for cursor position ***