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Application Enabler

Application Enabler
Foundation 23.1

Functions inside the script must have the exact name of the Keyword Type for which data will be scraped.


Function KeywordTypeName (InputValue)

---- code to manipulate text --

KeywordTypeName = "Return Value"

End Function

Function names in the script must match the keyword name being parsed or processed, omitting all spaces and special characters, so that the function names respect VBScript variable and function naming requirements. Example: If the Keyword Type name is Customer (01) (second instance of the Customer Keyword Type) in your function, you would use Customer01 as the Keyword Type name.

If your Keyword Types have the # character in their names, replace the # character with the word Number in the script. Application Enabler will be able to link Number in the script with the # character in the configuration file. For example, a configured keyword named “Account #” would have a function name of “AccountNumber”.

Functions must accept an input parameter named “InputValue”, and return the Keyword Value to be processed by Application Enabler.


You can also omit return of a value completely. The script will continue to execute as normal, and Application Enabler will function as though that Keyword had not been scraped.


When removing special characters and spaces, Application Enabler will validate Keyword Types that match the function name when special characters and spaces are ignored. For example, if you have two Keyword Types and one is named >>Document Date and the other is Document Date, the function name for both would be DocumentDate. Therefore, if both Keyword Types are configured for Application Enabler, both Keyword Types will validate against the function. Ensure that configured Keyword Types will validate as desired based on the naming conventions.


Do not modify scraped date formats with a pre-process script. The date format is always passed as MM-dd-yyyy. Modifying the date format will cause errors to occur.