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Application Enabler

Application Enabler
Foundation 23.1

Application Enabler 's indexing features allow you to index OnBase documents directly from the line-of-business application, eliminating the need to key index information into OnBase. Index values are scraped from configured areas on the screen. Screen scraping allows OnBase to collect Keyword Values from the enabled application's configured data capture areas and use the information for indexing purposes. Values scraped are case sensitive. There is no limit to the number of index values that can be scraped from the line-of-business application.

Application Enabler 's indexing feature can be used to scrape values in to the following areas:

  • The Add/Modify Keywords dialog box.

  • The Re-Index Document dialog box, including the re-indexing user interaction window that is displayed when executing the Workflow Re-Index Document action.

  • The keywords pane in the Document Imaging module's Document Imaging window, as well as the Document Imaging module's Create new document from existing dialog box.

  • The Import Document dialog box, including the indexing user interaction window that is displayed when executing the Workflow Import Document action.

  • The user interaction windows that are displayed when executing the Workflow Display HTML Form action (this includes both this document and related document targets).

  • The Virtual Print Driver module's Import from Virtual Printer dialog box.

  • The Document Separation window.

To use Application Enabler 's indexing feature:

  1. Navigate to the area of the OnBase Client where you will be using Application Enabler indexing. For example, if you are importing a document, open the Import Document dialog box.
  2. Navigate to a screen in the line-of-business application containing data that you will use to index.
  3. Perform the configured mouse/keyboard event on the line-of-business application screen.

    If values already exist for a Keyword Type, the value scraped from the line-of-business application will be appended to the document and it will not replace the current value for the Keyword Type. If you only want the scraped values to be associated with the document, you must manually delete the Keyword Values that you do not want associated with the document.


    When indexing is used in conjunction with AutoFill Keyword Sets, the corresponding Keyword Values are automatically populated in the OnBase Client when a primary Keyword Value is entered in the line-of-business application. Depending on your configuration and the area where you are using indexing, you may not be able to expand the AutoFill Keyword Set.

  4. If you are indexing or re-indexing and more than one Document Type is configured for Application Enabler, you may have to select the appropriate Document Type. Depending on your configuration, you may not be prompted to select a Document Type.
  5. Click the appropriate button to index, re-index, save keyword modifications, or submit the form.